Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pomes Fav and Least

Dulce et Decorum Est by Owen was my favorite because it was written like a story and every other line had a rhyme scheme to it, it was very interesting and detailed. My least favorite poem was Death be not proud because it was talking about death sickness and killing. It also was hard to understand and talks about the afterlife.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I have no idea what to blog about . . . so ill just go with the flow. I'm sitting in Sweeneys class listening to him talk about us doing a screen play, something about seven and crash, idk. I'm listening though, it sounds kind of exciting, but out #3 essay rough drafts are due today, so we are about to do peer reviews and he wants us to count to 4 with these numbers again in order to get into groups. . . we hate it. We just want to get into our own groups! But Oh Well.

Friday, October 25, 2013


In the four poems we had to read for class on Monday one was short and rhymed, one was long and didnt rhyme, others were short and didnt rhyme, but i think that was Sweeneys way of showing us a various amount of poems. The poets are all African American, and you cant tell in a few of the poems. They are really unique great poems. I sometimes enjoy reading poems, but I enjoy them more if they rhyme, cause it makes reading them fun.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hollywood Comes To RBC

So, for one of my beyond class assignments I decided to go listen to the speaker that we had on last weel TyRuben Ellingson. He makes various sound effects and drawings for many of movies. As he told us he has basically always been involved with drawing and artistic type things as he was younger. He has a masters degree in fine arts from St.Cloud State University. He has also taught at colleges, one in mind is VCU which I believe he is currently teaching at. In some parts of him showing us a slide show I had temporarily fallen asleep a couple of times, but I cant say that this guy was boring,I was just sleepy, but overall I really did enjoy his presentation to us.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Beyond Class. VMFA

On last night I attended the College Night out at the VMFA museum in Richmond, as I did on last year. I really enjoyed once again. I just loved walking around after eating, and the games and events to look at the painting and art work. It all looks so nice, and some even realistic. Although the games and thing were fun, looking at the art work is however my favorite part. The food was another one of my favorite parts. It was a lot of more colleges there also like VCU, John Tyler, and VSU, I even saw some VUU students that I've saw before there on last year. Overall I enjoyed it, and it is an event that I would like to attend quite often.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Glass Menagerie

So in Sweeney's class we are currently reading and watching the movie "The Glass Menagerie". This movie I believe is quite interesting. It's very intense, and there is a lot of arguing and conflict in it. Most of the conflicts takes place between the mother and son. In a sense this movie definitely reminds me of a story that we've have already read in this class called "Everything That Rises Must Converge". They are very similar in the sense that the mother and son don't quite see eye to eye on a lot of subjects. The movie is quite funny and exciting to me in a way. I'm definitely enjoying watching it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

nothing much

so this class period and last we have not been doing much except for the revising of our first draft papers. Our papers our from a first person point of view, describing how some of out real life experiences might relate to another characters in one of the stories that we have previously read, while in class. At first in my mind I was just like "Out of these few stories that we've read, who and it what story could I ever relate to?" Because honestly I have thought all the stories to be kind of weird in a way! One story that I did really enjoy was the one about what rises must converge. However that is not the story that I have written my essay on. My essay reverts back to the unnamed woman in the story the yellow wallpaper and how she felt trapped in her own self, mostly because of the orders of her husband. In that essay I have written about a couple of times that I have felt cornered as she did. That was he ONLY story I felt that I could actually relate to, and it took me a while to figure it out, but nothing much has been going on just trying to finish up this essay and make it great! Talk to you guys later!